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Author Commented: 2013-03-05
Hi folks,

looks like I've solved that on my own (but I would have searched longer without your ideas and comments).

There's a registry key that configures the name service calling sequence order, as this RegEdit export excerpt shows (only relevant keys listed, default values shown, decimal values in brackets added for convenience):

"DnsPriority"=dword:000007d0 (2000)
"HostsPriority"=dword:000001f4 (500)
"LocalPriority"=dword:000001f3 (499)
"NetbtPriority"=dword:000007d1 (2001)

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The search order goes from lower to higher value, in this case

1. Local Cache
2. Hosts file
3. DNS
4. NetBios

Now for the more speculative part ... since DNS is not present, a call to it fails. For some unknown reason, Windows Explorer seems to end the quest when DNS fails, while PING's name resolution seems to go the entire way thru even when DNS fails.

I've solved the problem by changing the value of the NetbtPriority value from the default of 2001 to 1999, thereby changing the calling sequence order to

1. Local Cache
2. Hosts file
3. NetBios
4. DNS

This ensures that NetBios is called before DNS. The change needs a reboot to take effect.